Sole traders

Our aim at Digital Accounting is not only to prepare the statutory accounts required by law but to support our clients in every step of their business journey.

We help our clients with setting up their businesses, resolving issues with clients and most importantly, educate them so that they can understand the figures in their company accounts and make conscious decisions about their business.

As a sole trader you may find that your support network is built up of other businesses that have been recommended to you by others. That’s how Digital Accounting likes to grow too.

We invite you to meet for an initial consultation to determine whether we would work well together. For our first meeting, there is no fee and we will spend around 1 hour looking at your accounting needs.

End of Year Accounts or Annual Tax Returns

As a self-employed person, or ‘sole trader’ you are required to keep a record of your financial transactions for your annual tax return.

The record keeping and completion of end of year accounts may not be your area of expertise, but they are ours. Digital Accounting is here to support you at year end, with either traditional accounting methods, or cash basis accounting, depending on your income.

We will help you determine which method best suits your business and support you in the completion of the returns documents and filing.


Sole Traders are required to keep records of all business expenses, VAT records, PAYE records and personal income. Digital Accounting has determined a structure of planning and record keeping that simplifies this process and we are happy to share it with you.

Making Tax Digital is HMRCs initiative to take the filing of accounts online. Digital Accounting saw this initiative as an opportunity to invest in the latest cloud-based software and we have found that most of our clients love the simplicity that keeps their business records accessible from anywhere in the world.

Take our advice and discover a method of record keeping that ensures you can concentrate on your skills and growing your business, while we take care of the paperwork for you.

What our clients think

Oscar Lepage, Self-Employed

A very professional and friendly team at Digital Accounting Bicester. Handled my business tax return in the most professional manner, Anna always there with a smile willing to help with all my accounting needs.
I will highly recommend Anna at Digital Accounting Bicester.

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